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“Better network every day” is a promise that extends beyond simple coverage or megabytes. It is a reality, backed up by the extensive testing of the German company umlaut, that puts our network at the top of five qualitative categories. Learn more about our network below.

The best network. Tested.

A network implies one thing — together we reach further. Network Masters proves exactly that. Think of it as an invitation to dance. Together we throw down the glove to outstanding individuals in popular social media and lift the veil on what makes them the best. Everyone will be able to participate in picking the mission of our masters. Because the road to what follows passes through the example of those who lead us there.

Name: Dimitar Karanikolov

Let's say that Dimitar Karanikolov has an eye for the beautiful. Even two eyes — learned in architecture, drawn by photography, outrageously good in both. Dimitar has a special relationship with beauty, he travels whenever he can and brings back the majesty of every corner of the globe. That is why he is our first Network Master.

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And the chosen challenge is: the network through the eyes of Karanikolov